Best Joomla Agency Template of 2019


Release: 1 July, 2019

— Client

The concept of the Microsoft website redesign was developed as a tribute to both the Fluent design system and the famous IT company itself.

— Task

Rethinking the Microsoft top products' web presentation considering the Fluent system.

— Our Role

Redesign Concept


After working with plenty of agencies, dealing with their real problems, we have gained a vast experience. With that experience combined, we made Agencio, a dedicatedly designed Joomla Agency Template, comes with conquering the previous drawbacks.


Joomla is a free and open-source content management system for publishing web content, developed by Open Source Matters, Inc.

Quix Page Builder

Using Quix's drag & drop system, you can do anything without writing or customizing code. Optimize your website for SEO using Quix's.

Gantry 5

Agencio built with the most potential latest Joomla version Gantry 5 Framework to gives you maximum performance with speed.

Wants to Know More?

The section talks about what actually you are, your business’s mission, vision, achievements, specialties, etc. Agencio provides a classy flat design to show these content up to bottom in a well-organized manner along with the pop-up video.

01 — Onboarding screen

Highlights Your Business

Agencio - Joomla business template comes with multiple block-based service page to show your business perspective. A potential service layout always crucial to attract your prospective client. You will able to add every service description with additional content on this section.

01 — Main screen

Always Keep In Touch

As one would expect, the contact layout of Agencio contains necessary contact details followed by a unique design map frame, a contact form, and some required information about the entity. We have used Quix’s form builder to create the form.

02 — Card details, goal, incoming

03 — Received

04 — Transfer update

05 — Exchange

06 — Stocks

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Best Joomla Agency Template of 2019
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